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Last year, we introduced our multilayer adhesive-lined GRIPLOCKTM product,  believing that a delamination-resistant reflow catheter segment could improve steerable catheter design and performance.

We supplied many of our customers with samples to test.

Now, we are excited to see customer demand for multilayered GRIPLOCKTM extrusions scaling up to production volumes.  Across a range of outer materials, from nylons to nylon co-polymers and TPU’s, our GRIPLOCKTM  extrusions are solving medical device lamination problems.

GRIPLOCK-lined Pebax

We love this work that lets us partner with our customers to solve real design problems. Working at the breakthrough edge, this work never gets old.

For samples of GRIPLOCKTM or more information, please call us at 603.532.0345 or email info@microcathco.com.

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GRIPLOCK Bonding Layer