Exacting Precision for Critical Applications

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35 Years of Industry Experience

Our team has a solid reputation of delivering the best when it comes to the design, development, and manufacturing of microcatheter components. By listening carefully to our customers, we deliver them real value in our components and our level of service. Below, find just a few of the many markets we serve.

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Interventional Neuroradiology

Navigating through the complex pathways of the microchannels of the brain presents exceptional difficulties when it comes to microcatheter design. We’re not intimidated and we embrace the challenge! Our team has years of experience in designing components for diagnostic and interventional neurological procedures.


Pediatric & Neonatal

The smallest infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units are born with unique challenges—and tiny, fragile vessels. Precision means our team can deliver wider working channels and small diameters in complex one, two, and three layer extruded components, from umbilical catheters to neonatal PICC lines.

Peripheral Vascular

Microcatheter design for peripheral vascular applications requires precise components for angiography, thrombectomy, aspiration, and embolization. Our team delivers complex microcatheter and balloon components for special applications and controlled mechanical properties.


To deliver chemotherapy treatments to cancerous tumors often means navigating through smaller vessels to those localized sites. Our precise components enable differentiated designs with larger working channels and small outside profiles.


Urological applications, including diagnostics and surgical interventions, require precise, kink-resistant microcatheter designs. Our precision components for urological microcatheters include multi-layer, large-lumen/low-profile extrusions, coil and wire coating capabilities.

Palliative Care

Quality of life and comfort are arguably two of the most important factors for patients with end-stage metastatic disease. Microcatheters for endovascular stenting and arterial embolization can deliver symptom management and pain relief at this crucial time.


Ophthalmic interventional medicine can require high precision and miniaturization for applications such as canaloplasty, used to treat glaucoma.  A range of material properties and constructions can be available in the smallest diameters for critical ophthalmic applications.

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