Microcatheter Components is invested in world-class proprietary microextrusion technology, providing the tightest tolerances, smallest diameters, softest extruded polymers and the most highly-controlled mechanical properties to our clients.

We understand the importance of developing innovative and cutting-edge solutions for our clients as they design next-generation solutions in medical devices.  Our capabilities enable their design options.

With a growing demand to access and navigate the toughest-to-reach anatomies of the human body, tight tolerances, choice of materials, and layering options can make all the difference to accessibility and device performance in the body’s most complex and delicate spaces.

Microcatheter Components is ISO 13485:2016 certified.  Our data collection and reporting systems provide us with the real-time feedback used to optimize our processes. This data provides customers with the essential information we used to qualify and understand each lot. Our MC Q-PackTM provided with each customer order includes the Release Certificate of Compliance, Final Inspection Report, and raw material Certificates of Analysis. Additional reports may be included as appropriate.

With more than 35 years of experience in the extrusions and medical components industry, our team understands the value of relationships, building one success at a time. As our customers reach to redefine what is possible, we stand with them, facing their challenges alongside them as product development and manufacturing partners.  Our network of materials experts provides critical support in criteria and selection.

We reach deeply to find solutions.  Our people are well-qualified.  More important, they are carefully chosen for their values, their commitment to excellence, their passion for discovery and innovation, and their integrity.

We have chosen work that is important. We embrace the challenge.