Microcatheter Components is invested in world-class proprietary microextrusion technology, providing the tightest tolerances, smallest diameters, softest extruded polymers and the most highly-controlled mechanical properties to our clients.

Our control and dedication to precision is proving to be key to delivering balloon tubing needed for compliant, semi-compliant and noncompliant balloons.

Our multilayer tubing is solving unique problems in catheter design and assembly with slip and bonding layers.

Our capabilities in extruding ultra-soft polymers are delivering super soft catheter segments and compliant balloons.

Every order ships with an MC Q-Pack, providing essential inspection data, certification and material traceability.

We understand from the inside, the challenges of product development, pilot production and volume assembly.  We are here to partner with our customers through all phases of each device campaign.

We have chosen this work because it is important to life.

Microcatheter Components is ISO 13485:2016 certified.