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The Best in Thermoplastic Microcatheter Tubing

Microcatheter Components delivers world-class microcatheter extrusions. We listen to understand value from your perspective. Precision. Size. Properties. Service.

Quality is our mantra, and we are ISO 13485:2016-certified for the medical device industry.

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Performance Under Pressure

Microcatheter Components offers a range of high-quality microtubing for all your medical device needs. With over 30 years of experience in bringing complex designs to product realization, we manufacture custom single-, double-, and triple-layer precision tubing and balloon tubing to the strictest specifications.

Neonatal to Neurology

Our products are as diverse as the fields we serve. From neonatal to pediatrics, from peripheral vascular to neurointerventional radiology, we will work with you to customize minimally-invasive microcatheters that consistently deliver precision and functional reliability to every procedure.

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