Why Layers?  Behold a Tooth.

Here at Microcatheter Components we are learning that Layers are enabling us to deliver performance in extrusions that just cannot be accomplished with a single material.

Like the tooth, each layer makes its own unique contribution to the performance of the whole.

Hard, slippery shell coatings, soft radiopaque inner layers.

Slippery liners bonded to a wide array of outer jacket shaft materials.

Three-layer constructions that deliver greater strength, resistance to burst, more toughness, more softness on the surface.

Even in microsizes and very thin walls, Microcatheter Components precision layering capabilities are proving to be important, in catheter shafts, balloon constructions, complex catheter assemblies.

Like the tooth, Layers are delivering advanced mechanical properties and enabling new design solutions.

Behold the tooth.  Behold the layers.  New solutions for advanced medical devices.

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