Uncontrolled variation is the enemy of quality.  W.Edwards Deming

Precision matters.  Costs from variation are seldom well understood.  They live below the radar.  They compound as they move along the the assembly system and through the supply chain. Adaptations to tooling and work station sorting keep the orders moving forward.  Inefficiencies, delays and the added resources required to execute the backlog become “normal”.  Costs rise and lead times get longer.

Like the pain of a headache that is only fully understood in hindsight once the pain stops, the pain of variation is often best understood once the problem is solved and the relief is realized.  Customer satisfaction grows.  Business grows.  Profitability grows. Employee satisfaction grows.

There is a world of difference between purchase price and total cost of an outsourced component.  A component that does not deliver the precision needed for its intended use does not save money.  It costs money.  And time.

Microcatheter components is invested in precision.  We are thinking about the value of precision from the position of our customers.  We are eager to understand how we can work closely with our customers to improve the satisfaction of their customers and deliver future generations of ground breaking and life-saving products.

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