Once a year we Americans stop for a moment and gather with family and friends in a spirit of gratitude.  In this Season of Thanksgiving, Microcatheter Components would like to say Thank You.  Thank you to our customers.  We are honored to support some of the world’s most talented design and manufacturing engineers who do so much to heal with their designs and their products.  We dedicate ourselves to excellence on your behalf and we thank you for your trust.   Thank you to our suppliers for all you do to make sure we can give our customers the service they deserve.  Thank you to our people.  We are blessed with a talented and dedicated group of employees who are uniquely qualified for the work they do.

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged us in our work.  We chose a difficult (and inspired) path.  Our supporters have been a gift to us.

Thank you to our competitors.  Those companies who do great work in medical device extrusions.  We are so grateful that some of you have become our collaborators, and our friends.

And for the goodness in people, you who do what you can in large and small ways to make our world a little better, we say Thank You.

This Thanksgiving our wish for you all is the warmth of family and friends, and joyful, grateful hearts.