There are medical device applications for which optimal mechanical properties are critical to performance.  Balloon tubing is a good example.  Balloon tubing must be manufactured with optimized elongation and tensile yield properties in order to achieve balloon performance and production yield targets. High pressure injection catheters are another application with high sensitivity to mechanical properties.  High pressure injection catheters must be designed so they cannot burst during injections.

Microextrusion offers an important distinction in polymer processing.  12mm barrels and screws facilitate very low material volumes, preserving molecular weight of materials and preventing mechanical and thermal degradation.  Microcatheter Components’ one, two and three layer extrusion system can uniquely deliver new solutions for critical to performance mechanical property applications. The graphic below developed by Gimac explains the relationship between extrusion processes and degradation energy.  Our goal is to provide reliability and excellence in mechanical properties for those applications where performance is critical.  Contact us so together we can learn how we can help you.Gimac Microextrusion Technology and Critical Material Properties