Producing extreme precision MICROEXTRUSIONS requires the right tools, the right equipment and the right people. We believe this capability to be critical to design and quality.  It was a big decision to invest heavily in the technology we would need to produce and measure the highest precision,  the thinnest walls and complex constructions in thermoplastic microextrusions.  Feedback from our customers is confirming that we made a sound decision.  MPO October 2016 talks about this, from the perspective of a handful of industry leaders. Enjoy this article from Medical Product Outsourcing, October 2016.


Microcatheter Components High Precision Extrusion Histogram

Outside diameter spec limits +/- .0005 inches (13 Microns), 92% Concentricity

Outside diameter spec limits +/- .0005 inches (13 microns)

.001 inch wall (25 microns), 92% Concentricity